Participation in a trade show can be daunting. Reviewing the Exhibitor Service Manual and contacting Capital Convention Contractors with any questions will ensure successful preparation that will result in a smooth move-in and move-out so that you can concentrate on maximizing your return on investment.

Online Order Help

Q: I can’t log in, or my username or password doesn’t work! Help!

A: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Click here to email our Exhibitor Services Department and we will get back to you as soon as possible or call Capital at 877-335-3700 to get assistance.

Q: I don’t have the kit for my show, can you email it to me?

A: Yes, click here to contact our Capital Exhibitor Services Department and we will email one to you as soon as possible or call Capital Exhibitor Services at 877-335-3700.

Q: Where do I log in to order services?

A: Click here to connect to the Capital’s on line ordering storefront.


Ordering Services

Q: Can I just order over the phone?

A: We understand the Exhibitor Service Manual contains a lot of information and may seem overwhelming to you, and we are here to help. You cannot place your order over the phone, but you are welcome to email or call us for help. We can tell you which forms to complete based on your needs. We kindly ask that you then complete the appropriate forms and fax or email them to our office.


Q: I made a mistake on my order, how do I change it?

A: If you simply need to adjust a minor detail about a service, please give us a call. However, if you are changing a quantity of an order or canceling something that was previously submitted, feel free to resubmit that form, note the correction and we will correct the issue. If the change is related to an online order, just change your request at any time. Online ordering is available to you 24/7. However, please note that some online items can only be changed by calling our Exhibitor Services Department at 877-335-3700.


Q: I just realized last week/today/tomorrow is the deadline to receive the discount!

A: If the deadline is today, send us your order even if it’s after our normal business hours. We will come in tomorrow and see when it arrived and charge you accordingly. If the deadline was last week, please calculate the Standard Rates when placing your order.


Q: Can I place my order now and pay for it when I get to the show?

A: No. As with most vendors, we require payment in full when your order is placed. If we receive an order without payment, we will be unable to process it. We will make every effort to contact you, but unfortunately we will not be able to provide the service without payment.


Q: If I overpay on my account, how will my refund be processed?

A: All refunds are processed after the close of the show.


Q: How do I order electrical services?

A: We’re sorry, but we do not provide electrical services. See the section at the back of your Exhibitor Service Manual titled: Ancillary Services. In this section you will find the electrical order form which you will need to send to the company/location provided.


Q: Can I have a receipt for the electrical services I ordered?

A: Yes, but you will have to call the company that provides those services, which is located on your electrical order form.


Payment Information

Which form of payments do you accept?

A: Credit card – We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Check – Be sure to include the show name, your company name and booth number on the check.

Cash – Please do not mail cash. Cash payments may be made at the show.

Wire transfer – Be sure to include the show name, your company name, booth number, country and bank where transfer originated. Wire transfer account information is available from your Exhibitor Services Representative.


Q: Where is the Credit Card or Method of Payment Form?

A: The Credit Card Authorization Form is located in the Exhibitor Service Manual. Complete that form and fax or email it back to us. Alternatively, you can enter your card information when you log into our in our Online Ordering site.



Q: Shipping and Material Handling, are they the same thing?

A: No. Shipping is the movement of your materials via a freight or parcel carrier like FedEx or UPS. They take your materials from their point of origin to the Advance Warehouse or directly to Show Site for delivery at the event dock.

Material Handling is the receiving and on-site handling of your shipment. This service includes receiving and delivery of your materials to your booth space, storage of empty containers, and loading your materials on to the carrier of choice at the close of the event. Please be sure to complete a Bill of Lading provided by Capital to ensure your freight is loaded onto the intended carrier!


Q: I want to use my own carrier, do I need to notify Capital?

A: No, but we ask that if freight is consigned to a carrier other than the official show carrier, that carrier must check-in at the loading dock by the time specified in the Service Manual. Event management, Capital Convention Contractors and the official show carrier cannot be responsible for checking with all designated carriers. If you have chosen a carrier other than the official show carrier, we require that your company arranges the pick-up with the chosen carrier and that someone from your company remain with the shipment until it is picked-up. We highly recommend making a reminder phone call to your carrier on the day of the requested pick-up.


Q: What happens if my shipment is late getting to the warehouse?

A: Shipments received after the advance receiving deadline will be assessed an off-target fee and cannot be guaranteed for advanced delivery to show site. Separate fees may apply for delivery of off-target freight.


Q: What happens if my shipment arrives at the show before the posted move-in window?

A: Shipments received before the posted move-in window will be assessed an off-target fee if we are on-site and capable of receiving the shipment. In the event that Capital is not present, receiving your shipment will be solely at the discretion of the facility. We strongly advise that you arrange a ‘targeted’ delivery with your carrier to ensure that the posted move-in window is not missed.




Material Handling

Q: What exactly is Material Handling?

A: Material Handling or drayage is the receiving and on-site handling of your shipment. The service includes us receiving your shipment, either at our advance warehouse or directly at the show. We then bring your materials to your booth, store your empty containers during the show, return your empty contains to you at the close of the show and load them onto your personal vehicle or your carriers truck when they check in at the dock. Please be sure to completely fill out the Bill of Lading provided to you during the show so that we know who we are to release your shipment to.


Q: What is CWT? Are there ways to save money?

A: Material Handling fees are calculated on a CWT basis (per hundred weight, or fraction thereof) per shipment, and vary depending on the type of shipment, the amount of handling, and the time of day. Be sure to review these costs when you prepare your show budget. You may contact Capital in advance to get an estimate of these charges.


Q: How can I save money on Material Handling or Drayage?

A: Savings can be realized by shipping via common carriers to avoid possible special handling surcharges. Furnishing accurate weight tickets with your shipment, proper labeling/addressing of shipments and scheduling shipments to arrive during straight time rather than overtime periods. Consolidate your shipment whenever possible to avoid multiple minimum charges.


Q: When will my materials be delivered if I order material handling?

A: Material Handling services are usually available during the first few days or show and in particular, during the move-in, move-out and advance receiving process. In the case of Advance Warehouse materials these shipments will be delivered to your booth space prior to your arrival on show site. With standard shipments sent direct to show site materials will be delivered as they arrive, or within the scheduled windows for receiving, generally 8am to 4:30pm daily. If you are missing pieces from your shipment or have questions about this process, please call our Exhibitor Service Department at 877-335-3700 or visit the Exhibitor Service Center on site.


Q: What do I do with my empty containers during the show?

A: If you have crates or boxes that you will need to pack up your booth equipment in at the end of the show, make sure to place empty stickers (which are available from the Exhibitor Services Desk) on them as soon as they are empty. Empty containers will be removed from the floor and stored until the close of the show. You will not have access to empty containers during the show. In most cases empty containers may not be stored in your booth during the show as it is a fire hazard.


Q: Today is the last scheduled day of move-out but can my carrier pick-up tomorrow?

A: No. Check the Shipping and Material Handling section of your Exhibitor Service Manual for the Forced Freight details (see next question to find out the definition of Forced Freight). There will be a specific time at the end of your show’s move-out where if your carrier does not check-in at the dock by that set time, your freight will be forced.


Q: What is Forced Freight?

A: A “force” occurs when a carrier does not check-in at the dock for the consigned freight within the specified time frame. We want to make sure each exhibitor gets their first choice of a carrier and therefore no freight is forced until we must move it to complete the contracted move-out agreement between event management, the convention center and Capital Convention Contractors. Your freight will either be shipped to its pre-determined location or returned back to our local warehouse by the official show carrier, depending on the disposition checked on your Bill of Lading.


Q: What happens if my freight is forced?

A: In the event that your freight is forced by Capital, please contact our Exhibit Services Department during regular business hours Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at 877-335-3700 to obtain tracking and destination information.



Q: What comes with my booth?

A: Typically nothing but it really depends on the show. Your Exhibitor Service Manual will give you the details for your particular show. It is under the section titled: General Show Information about halfway down the page.


Q: My booth equipment includes a 6’ draped table, but I need a 4’ draped table. Can I trade?

A: Items that are provided as part of your booth package have no trade-in value. If you desire an item that is not listed with the booth equipment, you must order that item separately at the published price. Ordering early will qualify for discount pricing and will save you money.


Q: What is the difference between advance price and floor price?

A: Materials ordered with full payment up to two weeks before the start of the show qualify for a discounted price. Orders received after this date and on the show floor will be provided at the standard price.


Q: Do I need carpet?

A: Maybe. Yes, if the exhibit hall is not carpeted. No, if the exhibit hall is carpeted. You can find that out by checking your Exhibitor Service Manual, under the section titled: General Show Information. If you have determined you do need to order carpet, the order form is in your Exhibitor Service Manual under the section titled: Carpet Order Form.


Q: I know what I need. How do I order it?

A: Online or via faxed forms, those are the two common methods for submission. Your individual Welcome Letter contains your unique credentials for accessing either Capital Online Ordering or all the relevant forms via your Exhibitor Service Manual.


Q: When will my materials/furnishings be delivered?

A: All furnishings or items ordered in advance of the first day of move-in will be delivered before you arrive. However, if you order something on show site, depending on its availability, we will make every effort to deliver those items as soon as possible. Note that some items may have to be brought in from our local warehouse which may delay your on-site order.


Labor and Sign Hanging

Q: Do I need to order labor to set-up my exhibit?

A: All exhibitors are required to follow local union jurisdictions as published in the Exhibitor Service Manual. In most cities, exhibitors are allowed to set-up their own displays without assistance provided that:

• All work is performed only by full-time employees of the exhibiting company
• The booth is 10′ x 20′ or smaller
• Booth installation requires no more than two people working one hour or less each
• No power tools are used, including battery operated tools

Consult the Official Contractor section of your Exhibitor Service Manual for detailed information about union jurisdictions affecting your show.


Q: What type of labor should I order?

A: This can vary from location to location based on labor union jurisdiction, but in general there are three types of labor services which exhibitors can order.

Display Labor – This type of labor is responsible for setting-up display structures, laying carpet, packing and unpacking materials, and general assistance for set-up and dismantle in your booth space.

Forklift Labor – This is generally employed in situations where large materials which have already been delivered to your booth space, require additional movement during set-up (e.g. Uncrating large heavy materials or bulky machines). Depending on the labor rules, this type of service can also be requested when materials are being set or mounted on low platforms. This type of labor is not required in order to receive material handling.

Rigging Labor (includes sign hanging) – Exhibitors are required to use this type of labor when flying any items above their booth space; those items which will be suspended from rigging points or ceiling structures.


Q: If I order labor must I be present for the work to take place?

A: Exhibitors have two options to order labor – Capital Supervised or Exhibitor Supervised.

• Capital Supervised – for a nominal fee, Capital will supervise the installation of your exhibit in your absence so that it is ready when you arrive.

•  Exhibitor Supervised – a representative from your company must check in at the labor desk to pick up scheduled workers. Your employee is then responsible for supervising all work performed.


Q: I would like to use a Non-official Service Contractor/Display House to set-up and/or dismantle my exhibit. What information does Capital require me to provide?

A: Please complete the Exhibitor-Appointed Non-Official Contractor Authorization Form, which is located in the Official Service Contractor section of your Service Manual. You will also need to provide us with a copy of your Service Contractors Certificate of Liability Insurance which needs to include your company name, event name, booth number and must have Capital Convention Contractors listed as the Additional Insured. Both forms need to be received by the deadline listed on the Exhibitor-Appointed Non-Official Contractor Authorization Form.


Q: Can I move in early? / Can I remain in the exhibit hall to complete set up?

A: We understand that you want to set up as quickly as possible and you might need a little extra time assembling your exhibit; however, you must receive permission from the show management for an early move-in or to extend your stay. While Capital has jurisdiction over the loading docks during move in and move out, we will work with the show management as best we can to accommodate your request